Making a difference: 16 students backed

Woking The Trust has marked a real achievement in being able to assist 16 needyPietermaritzburg campus students this year, up from 15 last year.

twelvefold A favourable exchange rate has helped but thanks are due entirely to Trust donors who have continued to give in support of the charity’s bursaries and the Margaret Thomas Scholarship. The Trustees are particularly grateful for a few generous donations that boosted the funding available for this year.

However, challenges remain. Many UKZN students struggle to find the necessary funds to support themselves, pay their fees and complete their studies. The Trust is able to help only a fraction of them.

Memorial Tower Building, Durban campusWe receive many emails from students desperate for assistance. It is hard for the Trustees to have to refuse them. We make our selections from a shortlist provided by the University’s Student Funding Centre according to our criteria of need.

We call on alumni and Trust supporters in the UK to give as best you can so the Trust can continue its work making a real difference to students’ lives and the wider society.

Please make a donation. The easiest way to give is via the Virgin Money Giving website at

Simply search for the University of KwaZulu-Natal UK Trust and follow the simple steps to make your donation, making sure you include a Gift Aid Declaration if you are a UK taxpayer.

Other information about how to give can be found on the Donate page.