Trust supports more students in 2014

cheap prednisone The appeal in the Trust’s previous newsletter for supporters to help boost dwindling funds has had an excellent response. As a result, the number of students the Trust is able to support this year has increased to 15 rather than fallen. This is most heartening.

buy Quetiapine on line Every contribution is valued but a huge difference was made by several significant donations from well-wishers who made a special effort. Chief among them were Bronek and Jane Masojada, who wished to help as former students who once attended the University.

The Trustees are grateful to everyone who gave most generously.

The number of students assisted had been expected to fall from 12 last year to 11 or even 10 this year but, thanks to the boost in income, the number goes up to 15.

Nevertheless it has to be said there can be no room for complacency. The need remains very great. Your support is vital if the Trust is to be able to continue its work, making it possible for poor students to complete their studies, which in turn can help the wider community

The Trust receives many appeals from students seeking assistance which it has to refuse because it only considers applications referred by the Student Funding Centre according to the Trust’s criteria based on need. But they bring home the desperate plight of some.

Just one recent example, from an education student, reads: “I have been through so much, having no funding at school while other students do really hurts. I know I’m not the only one but I beg for help if it’s possible for the organization to help me…

“I do well in my studying, I pass all my modules, I am very passionate about my studies, especially the profession I do. I really see myself as successful teacher in 2016 as I am supposed to be finishing my degree next year.

“Every day before I sleep I cry and pray as I don’t know if I’ll be able to get my fees paid and if I’ll finish my degree on time. I walk in and out [of] businesses asking for help since last year, ‘til this day no luck. I would really appreciate it if I got a response from you.”