Hear the voices of some of our students

We usually give as much space as possible in the Winter newsletter to comments from Trust students receiving assistance in the current year. We regret having had to restrict to one page a small sample in the Winter 2023-24 issue. Here you will find the comments from the article in the newsletter plus a few additional comments:

soulfully Thobile Khuzwayo, recipient of the Trust’s Margaret Thomas Scholarship, Thobile Khuzwayois studying for a Bachelor of Education Honours degree in technology education. She says she always has been passionate about teaching. She wants to be “an agent of change”, helping “learners to be problem solvers and individuals who can make informed decisions and contribute to making SA and the world a better place”.

Sthembile Gumede http://kirstincronn-mills.com/?page_id=1148 Sthembile Gumede says she chose to study for a BSc in dietetics and human nutrition because of loved ones suffering from diabetes who had passed away. “I wish to educate my community … about the importance of a healthy diet as I come from a disadvantaged area.”

Liso Fikeni is studying for a BSc in Computer Science and Statistics Liso Fikenias it is a degree “for the future”. He says: “Our times are changing … For an individual to thrive, they should have digital skills.” He aims to develop his knowledge of e-commerce, focusing on “data modelling, visualization of end results, fact checking and decision making”.

Nompakamiso MkhabelaNompakamiso Mkhabela says she chose to study medicine (MBChB) because there is a need for young doctors in South Africa. She enjoys studying anatomy because she says it helps her to understand the human body better. She hopes to specialise in gynaecology as she feels more needs to be done “about the high rate of neonatal deaths”.

Zibusiso Mathe, studying for a BA in Music, says: “Learning Zibusiso Matheabout music, with all its complexities and technicalities, is like learning a new language – but somehow it’s your favourite language.” She would love to teach music and produce and direct performances “but songwriting and singing is my number one passion”.

A few additional reports:

Qaqambe NcozeQaqamba Nocuze decided to study for a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree after seeing how her uncle was treated following the amputation of his left leg due diabetic complications. “After the surgery, I watched him struggle to move around and perform basic everyday activities. I would accompany him when he went for his physiotherapy appointments and I got to see how he was treated.

“It was a learning experience for me because I [realised] how much we take for granted simple activities like walking and dressing yourself. That was a moment of epiphany for me and my interest for physiotherapy only grew from there.

“I knew that I wanted to use my hands for greater good and I don’t think there’s a greater feeling than seeing that you’ve made a difference in someone’s life and also how you made their daily living much better.”

Mbali Entle Olwethu Qhogwana says she chose to study for a Medical Science degree Mbali Ghoqwanabecause she thought it would be a great way to link her interest in medicine with the science behind it. She says: “Helping people has always been a passion of mine and, with my analytical capabilities, I found that I fit right into the course.”

She says she is competent enough to work in the lab, adding: “I sometimes feel like my own version of Einstein and I believe that I can contribute to discovering something very useful and powerful to humanity one day.”

Sibongakonke NyathiSibongakonke Nkosiyazi Nyathi says factors that drew him to study for a BA in Cultural and Heritage Tourism include “meeting people from all walks of life” and learning about their cultures. He is interested in travel and events planning, tour operations and travel booking arrangements.

Sibongakonke hopes that by working in tourism he can “help make the world a better place by bringing economic benefits to poorer destinations”. He would like to make a contribution through job creation and furthering environmental protection.