Trust provides help for 13 needy students

Kunwi The Trust is giving support to 13 needy students in 2019, up from 12 last year, thanks to the generosity of donors and supporters.

The help is going to five honours students in the form of Trust bursaries and the Margaret Thomas Scholarship and to eight undergraduates in the form of top-up assistance for meals and textbooks. The grants are in line with policy changes made last year following new state aid covering tuition fees for many needy undergraduates.

The Trust’s support is going to students from a wide range of disciplines, including medicine, engineering, science, social science and the arts.

All the students are from families with gross household incomes below R122,000 (below about £7,200) per annum.

The need remains very great, evidenced by the many stories of the challenges faced by poor students trying to pursue their studies. You can make a vital difference by giving as generously as you can to the Trust.