Trust supports 12 students in 2013

Student Funding Centre, UKZN

cytotec to buy in canada Students and helpers at the UKZN Student Funding Centre

The UKZN UK Trust is providing assistance to 12 needy students at the University in 2013 through its bursaries and the Margaret Thomas Scholarship – thanks to donations from alumni and supporters.

This is no mean achievement but pressure on the charity’s finances continues to reduce the number of bursaries we can provide. With less money available this year, the Trustees regret that the number of students being given support is one down on last year.

The needs of many poor students remain acute and we have been unable to offer help for many deserving cases. One such is a second-year Bachelor of Nursing student who comes from a family of seven with a total income equivalent to less than £800 a year. She has done well in her studies and has had very good grades, averaging 73%. Unfortunately we have been unable to include her on this year’s list of students receiving Trust bursaries, owing to lack of funds.

Your donations make possible the continuing education of students such as this who aspire to qualifications that will ensure their future employment and benefit the society as a whole.  The Trustees urge donors and supporters to give as generously as you can.