Trust appeals for e-mail addresses

Qibray The UKZN UK Trust is calling on alumni in the UK please to provide their e-mail addresses if they have not already done so through the Alumnus Office. This will allow the Trust’s newsletter to be e-mailed out, saving mailing costs.

The Trust has been hit by a significant escalation in the expense of posting out the newsletter, particularly as a result of the latest big increase in the price of stamps. The feedback received from alumni and supporters has been universally in favour of receiving the Trust’s newsletter and donation forms by e-mail rather than by post in future.

However, the Alumnus Association, on which the Trust relies for contact details of alumni, has e-mail addresses for only about two thirds of the alumni on the UK address list. Therefore it is very important to the Trust that everyone concerned should please provide an e-mail address – preferably by e-mailing and copying to

Alternatively, please go to and use the online registration form. Thank you for your cooperation. The money saved from mailing costs will go to the Trust’s bursaries.

Supporters are also reminded that newsletters can be downloaded from the Trust’s website in PDF format.